Monday, November 1, 2010

It Was Only A Sandwich

The Clemson fan base was worn out in 2008. They were tired of investing emotionally in a product that could never get over the hump. They were sick of coming up one game short. They had had enough of Tommy Bowden. They had had enough of Rob Spence. They had had enough of this the football team underachieving under the current staff. It was time for a change. It was time to make a splash and put Clemson back on the map.

Terry Don Phillips had the opportunity to unite the fan base with his decision in 2008. He had a chance to wipe the slate clean and start over. He had the opportunity to rally and energize the fan base behind a new face and new staff, but Terry Don Phillips ultimately decided that a WR Coach from the previously failed staff was the ticket to get Clemson over the hump. Phillips deprived Clemson of the chance to rally behind something shiny and new. Phillips threw conventional wisdom and logic to the side by naming a coach without a single year of coordinator experience on any level. Phillips said the decision to go with William Christopher Swinney was based on going with his gut. Unfortunately for Clemson Nation the feeling in his gut was just a sandwich.


And now the fan base is more worn out than ever.

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  1. i agree!! and every tiger fan that i have talked to since the north carolina game agrees. the one guy that didn't think that he should be fired admitted that he isn't a big time coach but said that he was a great recruiter and that is why we shouldn't fire him. when are people going to realize that dabo is not the reason these recruits come to clemson... clemson is the reason they come here. we don't need this glorified cheerleader as the leader of our historic football program. we have officially become irrelevant under his watch!