Monday, November 8, 2010

Clemson's Charlie Whitehurst Struggles In His NFL Debut

Charlie Whitehurst made his first professional start in place of injured quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck, who was on Sunday with a concussion. Whitehurst who hadn't seen a live snap in his career prior to yesterday struggled to find a rhythm leading an offense that was clearly overmatched against New York Giants defense. The Giants rolled up an easy 41-7 victory.

Seattle tried to bring Whitehurst along slowly focusing on the short passing and intermediate game in the first quarter with little success going three and out in each of their three possessions. The Giants were able to opened up a quick 21-0 lead during that timeframe forcing Seattle to try to open up the offense in the second quarter, but Clipboard Jesus’ first attempt downfield was intercepted in the end zone by Terrell Thomas. The Giants were capitalized on the turnover opening up a 28-0 lead. Whitehurst was able to move the offense downfield on the next possession only to be intercepted again this time by Cory Webster. The Giants tacked on another touchdown and went up 35-0. On their last possession before the half, the Seahawks went 3 and out.

In the third quarter the Seahawks went three and out on their only two possession while the Giants added another touchdown making the score 41-0.

In the fourth quarter, Whitehurst lead a 3 play 70 yard scoring drive culminating in a 36 yard TD pass to Ben Obamano. Whitehurst was 2-2 for 44 yards on the drive. The Giants took the kickoff and bleed the remaining time off the clock.

Whitehurst finished the game completing 12 of his 23 passes for 113 yards and 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions. Hasselbeck is expected to return to the line-up next week when Seattle travels to Arizona.

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  1. I just hope my guy PC doesn't dump Charlie because of this one outing. That would be Jerry Jonesish. I think CW has what it takes but it'll take time to get him where he needs to be given he was utterly wasted by San Diego.