Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baston By The Numbers

By blue_62

If you haven't already, I suggest TI members look at the "Tigers at the Beach" video of a few days ago which featured Kourtnei Brown in a prominent role. A fellow TI member suggested I watch it and see if I agreed with his assessment. Watching it not only has me agreeing with him, it also caused me to look closer to find more proof that something is wrong with the strength and conditioning program under Joey Batson.

The TI member I talked to basically described Kourtnei Brown as looking more like a basketball player(forward) than a fifth year defensive end. He was correct in his description. At the same time, I find his description an insult to Harold Jamison, who looked FAR more impressive physically.

This post is not an attack on Kourtnei Brown. He is a good player and I am glad he chose Clemson and appreciate his efforts. However, when I looked at the video, I couldn't help but notice he didn't look nearly close to where he could be considering his high school rating and the fact he has been on campus so long. Further, I noticed Tig Willard, in similar fashion, looked more like a SAFETY than a linebacker. These guys not being where they could be physically inspired me to look a little closer.

Kourtnei Brown made quite a splash when he signed. The very next year, Georgia signed basically his clone, Cornelius Washington, out of Burke County, GA. Living in the same town, I met Washington his Sr. year of high school. Having seen him since, he is MUCH more imposing than Brown. Despite being on campus a year less, Washington is 6-4/269 lbs. though he came in at 6-4/220. Brown, on the other hand, is listed at 6-5/250 after being signed at 6-5/230.

Washington put on 50 SOLID lbs at Georgia, while Brown only added 20 lbs. That is 20 lbs in FIVE years. Sorry, but that is pretty weak. Those are just two players, though. I began to wonder if this trend went beyond two individuals, and also followed a similar pattern among teams. The data I found was overwhelmingly a further indictment on the player development program at Clemson.

I decided to look at the depth charts of several teams and compare their current weights with what they weighed when they signed. I chose to analyze Clemson, of course, along with Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida State, South Carolina, Wake Forest, Alabama, and LSU. Figuring Alabama and LSU are the gold standards as programs, they represent the elite. South Carolina is the main rival while Florida State is the division rival. Georgia Tech represents to cross-division rival/thorn-in-the side, while Wake is the divisional over-achiever/thorn. Finally, I looked at Georgia because of their border-state/SEC position.

For the sake of clarity, among other reasons, I felt focusing on the defensive side of the ball made the most sense. Further, I limited my analysis to non-Juco players in either their Jr. or Sr. years. I compared the weights and categorized them into DL, LB, and DB groupings.


Of the 8 teams analyzed, Clemson finished LAST or tied for last in all three positional categories. Of the defensive line, they average weight gained was 17 lbs. The LBs averaged 14 lbs. gained, and the DBs averaged 9lbs. On the DL, only Wake was about the same, but they only have 1 player to analyze. Other than that, Clemson and LSU are tied for last at DB. Yet we all know the punch those guys bring and coverage skills are way better than their counterparts at Clemson.

DL 17 lbs
LB 14 lbs
DB 9 lbs

Wake Forest
DL(only one JR/SR) 15 lbs.
LB 17 lbs
DB 20 lbs.

Florida State
DL 51 lbs.
LB 20 lbs.
DB 14 1bs.

Georgia Tech
DL 27 lbs.
LB 20 lbs.
DB 18 lbs.

DL 38 lbs.
LB 20 lbs.
DB 23 lbs.

DL 23 lbs
LB 25 lbs.
DB 11 lbs.

DL N/A (Note: no non-Juco Jr./Sr. start.)
LB 25 lbs.
DB 9 lbs.

South Carolina
DL 53 lbs.
LB 21 lbs.
DB 15 lbs.

South Carolina AVERAGED 53 lbs gained on their DL compared to the 17 lbs. gained at Clemson. Devin Taylor went from 6-6 225 to 6-7 260. Melvin Ingram went from 6-2 224 to 6-2 276. Travian Robinson went from 6-4 230 to 6-4 303. At the same time, we see guys like Renny Moore go from 6-5 260 to 6-4 270. Folks, Batson put 10 lbs on a DT in five years. That is criminal.

Want to hear more? Dequan Bowers came in listed as 6-4 267. His Jr. numbers were 6-4 275. Compare his gains to, say, Cliff Matthews at South Carolina. It ain't even close. Genetic freak. Two years. Eight pounds. Enough said.

Keep making excuses for him. The guys that need to gain don't, and the guys that need to lose weight keep it on or add more. Every time I look to find evidence Batson needs to go, its there. EVERY TIME. Numbers don't lie; Joey Batson is not getting the most out of his players. They deserve more. The evidence is overwhelming.


  1. You might want to change your headline. It's Batson, not Baston. And our S&C is so bad that apparently Rennie Moore actually shrank an inch?

  2. I agree there are problems at S&C. But, another prob I heard is that the current HC does not buy into it 100%. Players are not "Strongly encouraged" to 100% attend all of season workouts. Every program worth it's salt has this.

    Yeah. it's against NCAA rules to require you player participate, but, great team leadership to help police such. Our HC has favorites and some are allowed a pass from S&G on occasion even during mandatory workouts. Coach Batson is not 100% to blame here.

  3. Batson was the S&C coach under Bowden when it was volun-told offseason workouts and are players soft then too...Bye Bye Batson!!!!!!!

  4. Might have something to do with which programs rely heavily on steroids. Its not just S&C, its diet and other ergogenic aids. I also noticed that Alabama seems to be on the lower end of the scale yet continue to dominate. Ever cross your mind that these big jumps in weight are from fat and could be contributed from a LACK of conditioning.

  5. I really wouldn't call South Carolina's DL out of shape.

  6. Do you still live in Burke County? I lived there for many years.

  7. LOL@ butthurt Taters trying to say steroids are the only reason other programs out-condition them.

  8. How about bringing back Rich Tuten? Played at Clemson in the late 70's and has been the Denver Broncos S&C coach for 17 years. He's got 32 years experience. We need a TRUE Clemson guy to turn the program around!